Welcome to the Americans With Disabilities Act - Compliance Assessment Toolkit (ADA-CAT) website. The tools on this site, in conjunction with recommended measurement techniques and instruments, will allow a person without specialized training in architecture, assistive technology, or construction to quickly assess deficits in accessibility and usability of features of the physical world.

Each of the Audits on this site is based on the legal requirements of the ADA. For Audit items that are based directly on ADA-ABA accessibility standards, a link is provided to the specific language of the ADA. However, the ADA requirements provide only "minimum standards for accessibility." Many of the Audits on this site extend the ADA requirements based on the experience of individuals with disabilities and the professional judgement of the authors.

In addition, the Audits on this site address aspects of life with a disability that are not addressed by the ADA. For example, Audits addressing physical access to education are ADA-based, but are extended to include design features (document formatting, for example) that the ADA does not specifically address, but which are suggested or required by other access legislation (e.g. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act).

Many of the audits include sections on Usability. The elements of the Accessibility Section assure that most individuals with disabilities can gain access to the item being Audited, although there may be difficulty. The items in the Usability section, if followed, will increase ease of access for all users of the feature. In general, these items provide either additional guidance on the variation of the "minimum" standard of the Accessibility section that increases ease of access, or expand on the Accessibility to address other features that increase ease of access.

After scoring the items of an Audit, the rater may click the "Score Audit" button to receive a numerical score of the degree of Accessibility and Usability compliance. For registered users, the site will record these ratings, so that an environmental feature can be revised, and reevaluated by changing those items that have been changed, to document progress in accessibility and usability over time.

You are welcome to register as an ADA-CAT user to obtain a 60 day free trial, available immediately. On registration you will have access to all of the ADA-CAT features, and our system will store the results of your accessibility assessments.